POLT_Jan 22 - Migration The movement of people between...

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Migration: The movement of people between country Other Reasons: Feredalism: Basical 3 level government: - City - Money to fix this problem Guest worker program: Nobody want to lose job -> legal way to do this Net Migration How to help people? 4 races? African American, Asian, Native American, Spanish, White Everybody have ethnicity Welfare user rates: Results: 3. because a lot of Spanish are not highly educated Policy Implications: 1. the best way to get best in life is to get educated… 2. if you get this, you will have less chance to get good jobs 3. d 4. decreased tax -> … good, quite interesting for a big deal 5. we have to educated Texas (especially Spanish communite): o Minority students o 1 st generations: … a lot of minorities scholarship Texas can never run in the ? They want to change the way of funding for university: :D calsulate the fund giving for school not by the number of the student in the 1 st time in class but the number of student in the last time of class. Need to re-regulate the … legislative? 6. 1 st : political refugee: political immigrant: because they experiencing counter strike :D (Cuba), but for now the political have change and a lot of them must go to Mexico. TEMPORARY LABOT MIGRANTS: can work if you have available visa (I-20), there is job yin the area -> you can stay and can be hire (requiremenr: can speak E, not Mexican, …). WIOUT DOCUMENTS: unlegal, … why? Hard
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POLT_Jan 22 - Migration The movement of people between...

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