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Max. Chapter 1: Online Quiz 1. Why did it take until December 1845 for Texas to be admitted as the twenty-eight state, when Texas voters approved annexation in 1836? a. Legislators from the northern states were not happy about the possibility of another state, especially one as large as Texas, shifting the North/South power struggle. b. There were not enough people residing in Texas to allow admission as a state in1836. c. Texas was a slave state, and the slavery issue was a controversy in Washington DC in 1836. d. Because of Texas' geographical size, representatives of smaller states were afraid of an unfair balance of power shift in Texas' favor. 2. In the Texas Articles of Annexation, why did Texas retain ownership of its public lands rather than have them annexed by the US government? a. The US Government saw no value in taking control of the Texas wilderness. b. All annexed states keep their own public lands. c. Texas knew that it had potential wealth in timber and oil and did not want to give that away to the US Government. d. The United States would not take Texas' public lands in exchange for the $10 million debt owed by the former Republic of Texas. 3. The Post-Civil War "Black Codes": a. Were a set of codes that were used by the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate freed slaves in Texas and in other former Confederate states. b. Were laws severely restricting the rights of recently freed slaves. c. Were laws, originally based on religious sentiment, restricting the sale of certain items on Sunday. d. Were laws prohibiting freed slaves from other states from settling in Texas directly after the end of the Civil War. 4. When the Texas Supreme Court invalidated the election of Governor Richard Coke, in 1873: a. Coke's supporters took hostages, including several Texas Supreme Court Justices, and held them for several days, until federal troops intervened. b. Democratic legislators entered the capital, declared a quorum and validated the election of Coke, despite the Texas Supreme Court action. c. The Supreme Court Justices, handpicked by former Governor E.J. Davis, were handsomely rewarded.
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Spr09MaxCh1Quiz - Max. Chapter 1: Online Quiz 1. Why did it...

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