MaxCh4 - Chapter 4, the end, pages 122-126 [If it is true,...

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[If it is true, leave it alone; if it is false, explain or give the correct answer] T or F In the weeks following the primary and the precinct conventions, county and state senatorial district conventions are held (122) T of F In the least populated counties, the county convention has given way to state senatorial district conventions within those counties (122) T or F Delegates vote on adoption of resolutions to be considered at the state convention and select delegates and alternates to attend that convention (122) T or F Unlike the precinct convention, liberal or conservative factions or those representing different presidential candidates will seek to dominate the selection of delegates (122) T or F Walkouts followed by rump convention may not occur at the county or even at the state level (122) T or F In Texas, bitter intraparty conflict has been historically characterized by the Republican party more than the Democratic party, but that is changing as Democratic primaries and conventions grow in importance (122) T or F Both Democratic and Republican parties in Texas hold state conventions in June of even- numbered years (122) Name the 4 major functions of these biennial (occurring every 2 years) date conventions (122): 1. 2.
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MaxCh4 - Chapter 4, the end, pages 122-126 [If it is true,...

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