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MaxCh4P1 - Chapter 4 pages 110-116 beginning of 117 The...

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Chapter 4, pages 110-116, beginning of 117 The Founders created our complicated system of federal government and provided for the election of a president and Congress. But the ___________________ makes no mention of political parties (110) Political parties are vital to democracy in that they provide a link between the ________________ and the _______________________ (110) Parties make it possible for the ordinary citizen and voter to participate in the political system; they provide the means for organizing support for particular ________________________ (110) Except for local elections where parties are forbidden by law to participate, candidates are nominated by _____________ _______________, and parties run the _____________ _____________ (110) The 2 nd function of political parties is to simplify the issues for voters so that people understand alternative positions on questions of _________________ ______________ (110) In other words, parties educate the ______________ (110) they help to make sense of the issues and provide voters with cues on how to ____________ (110) The 3 rd function of parties is to ______________ voters by encouraging participation in the electoral process (110) The 4 th and final function of political parties is to run the _________________________ at whatever level they are active (110) _____________________ in politics means that ideas should be judged on the grounds of their practical uses and results rather than on lofty ideological concepts (111) _________________ often means taking a clear-cut position only on issues where there is broad agreement (111) For political to succeed, they must satisfy their traditional supporters: ________________, _______________________, ____________________, and ______________________ (111) The candidates are not blank slates but have their own ______________, ________________, _________________, and ______________________ (111) In reality, American parties are not nearly so __________________ (111) They reflect the American federal system, with its ___________________________ of power to _______________________, _________________________, and ________________________ levels (111)
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What levels do political parties operate at? (111):
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