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200 _ Politic Exam - The state senate confirms appointments...

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Independent judiciary with power of judicial review Forms and powers the other two branches They lead the government, and they make the decision The executive branch divided the power among several members: These are the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, controller of public accounts, comissioner of the general land office, and three railroad comissionaries. Seperation of power There branches: legislative, executive, and judicial Texas constitution follows American tradition in subsequent constitutional articles: it sets up a system of Checks and Balance. A function normally assigned to one branch of government is given to another
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Unformatted text preview: The state senate confirms appointments to governor makes in the executive branch. Reasons for adopting the 1876 Constitution was that the old Constitution was more centralized to the power of the governor. This allowed E.J.Davis to cause corruptions. Therefore, people had to vote to ratify the new Constitution. Restrictions of Texas Constitution: More detailed than U.S. Constitution Longer, less flexible Prescriptive Limits discretion of public officials Out of date Limits lawmakers to act on problems Constitutional amendments for changes...
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  • Separation of Powers, Lieutenant governor, Judicial Review forms, judicial Texas constitution, U.S. Constitution Longer, Prescriptive Limits discretion

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