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Mathcad - 07-06

Mathcad - 07-06 - Solving for rated torque T rated 5252 P...

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Problem 7-6: Solution P rated 500 = hp n rated 1750 = rev min When started at reduced voltage the coils receive the phase voltage instead of the line voltage. Thus, they get 1 over the sq. root of 3 times the line voltage. Torque is proportional to voltage squared, so the starting torque will be 1/3 rd of what it would be at full voltage. from table 7-5, the motor will produce at least 80% of rated torque with a full voltage start
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Unformatted text preview: Solving for rated torque T rated 5252 P rated ⋅ n rated lb ⋅ ft ⋅ = T rated 1.501 10 3 × lb ft ⋅ = thus at full voltage: T LR_FV 0.8 T rated ⋅ = T LR_FV 1.2 10 3 × lb ft ⋅ = at the reduced voltage of the Y-delta starter the motor should produce one third or 400 lb ft...
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