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I start 667.404A = I start S start 3 V LL = solving for the current: S start 531.75 KVA = S start P rated S LR = thus for a 75 hp motor S LR 7.09 KVA hp = b. the maximum expected starting current is found using the NEMA Code Letter. From Table 7-3, the maximum KVA/hp is 7.09 F p 0.838 = F p P in S in = S in 73.3 KVA = S in 3 V LL I rated = P in 61.459kW
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Unformatted text preview: = P in P rated = a. to find the power factor, we need to know the input power and the input apparent power NEMA code H 0.91 = I rated 92 amp = n rated 1770 rev min = V LL 460 volt = P rated 75 hp = Problem 7-7: Solution...
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