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f. As the load on the motor increase, the speed decreases, which means the slip increases Being a small motor, the efficiency is relatively low, although this must be an old motor as NEPACT would require better efficiency η 74.298% = η P out P in = P out 1.492kW = P out HP 746 W = e. The output is 2 hp or 1492 W and the input is 2008 W, so the efficiency can be calculated P in 2.008kW = P in S in F p = F p 0.85 = d. Knowing the apparent power and the power factor, we can find the input power S in 2.363 kVA = S in 3 V L I L
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Unformatted text preview: = c. Rated input apparent power can be calculated from the line voltage and current slip 3.889% = slip n s RPM-n s = n s 1800 = b. synchronous speed will clearly be 1800 rpm for this motor T rated 6.072lb ft = T rated HP 5252 lb ft RPM = a. rated torque can be calculated from rated hp and speed f 60 Hz = RPM 1730 = I L 3.1 A = V L 440 V = HP 2 = kVAR kW Problem 7-17: Solution kVA kW rpm 1 min...
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