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Mathcad - 11-01 - V cond 1.5 volt ⋅ = z 512 conductors...

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P rated 27.648kW = P rated V term I term = I term 144A = I term P I path = I path 36 amp = each path can carry 36 amps so the total current is: V term 192V = V term V cond N series = therefore the generated voltage is N series 128 = N series z P = the number of series conductors is the number of conductors divided by the number of paths
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Unformatted text preview: V cond 1.5 volt ⋅ = z 512 conductors ⋅ = P 4 poles ⋅ = Problem 11-1: A lap winding has P parallel paths through the armature where P is the number of poles...
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