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Mathcad - 11-10 - At no load, the armature current is zero...

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1527 rpm n nl 1.527 10 3 × rev min = n nl V t E a n rated = n fl 1500 rev min = The flux is virtually constant for the shunt DC motor, so the CEMF is proportional to speed E a 589.55V = E a V t I a R a - = so the CEMF is I a 95A = I a I rated I f - = I f 5A = I f V t R fldckt = At full load, the armature current is the line current minus the field current
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Unformatted text preview: At no load, the armature current is zero so Ea = Vt n rated 1500 rev min ⋅ = R a 0.11 Ω ⋅ = I rated 100 amp ⋅ = R fldckt 120 Ω ⋅ = V t 600 volt ⋅ = Problem 11-10:...
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