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OPSY 4314 – Operations Management – Summer II, 2011 1 OPSY 4314 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Summer II, 2011 Section 002 – MW 6pm – 9:45pm – OCNR 131 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Joseph S. Mollick OFFICE HOURS: 4:00pm – 6:00pm – MW OFFICE: OCNR 389 (others by appointment) OFFICE PHONE: 825-2853 E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://faculty.tamucc.edu/jmollick COURSE DESCRIPTION: The design, operation, and control of the transformation process in both service and production operations. Includes analysis and application of various decisions regarding site selection, process and facilities design, capacity planning, scheduling techniques, materials management, and cost and quality control. COURSE PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: ORMS 3310 and junior standing or above. REQUIRED TEXT: Operations Management (4th. Edition), R. Dan Reid and Nada R. Sanders, Wiley, New York, 2010 MAJOR FIELD TEST The Major Field Test (MFT) is required for all students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and will be administered in the MGMT 4388, Administrative Policy and Strategy course. To prepare for this test, business majors are advised to retain their class notes, textbooks and other relevant materials from this class and the other business core courses and to fine-tune their readiness for the MFT by completing the online MFT review available through the COB website at www.cob.tamucc.edu . COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Further develop your understanding of the operations management function in both manufacturing and service organizations 2. Demonstrate the interrelationships between operations and the other functional areas of a business (accounting, marketing, finance, engineering, etc). 3. Increase your awareness of strategic and operational problems encountered by operations manages. 4. Introduce some of the methods currently in use in industry and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. 5. Develop your abilities to analyze and solve problems frequently faced in managerial settings using modern problem solving techniques. 6. Enhance your understanding of important contemporary topics relevant to business managers of all functional disciplines. 7. Seeks to assist students in their preparation for the Major Field Test.
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OPSY 4314 – Operations Management – Summer II, 2011 2 EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS 1. Students are responsible for all material presented in lecture and assigned readings. 2.
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OPSY-4314_002_SumII_20102011 - OPSY 4314 OPERATIONS...

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