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ACCT 3312-001 Dr. Steven Hall TR 2:00-3:15pm OCNR-117 Office: OCNR-320 Fall 2011 Office Hours: M 1700-1900, Office Telephone: 825-2357 TR 1300-1400 and 1515-1615 or by appointment Home Page: Intermediate Accounting II COURSE DESCRIPTION: A continuation of Intermediate Accounting I involving non-current liabilities and owner equity accounts, the Statement of Cash Flows, pensions, deferred Income Tax, financial statement analysis and several special problem areas. Prerequisite: ACCT 3311 and Junior standing or above. . LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Textbook has all learning objectives identified by the author. Please check the specific chapters in the text. MAJOR COURSE REQUIREMENTS Student performance will be evaluated on quizzes, and tests. The relative weights of each of these components are as follows. Three Tests 300 pts. Chapter Quizzes 100 pts Chapter Problems (located on web page) 100 pts. Total 500 pts. A letter grade will be determined based on the percentage earned of total points possible, as follows: A: 90-100%; B: 80-89%; C: 70-79%; D: 60-69%; F: 0-59%. In some instances, a curve may be applied in determining letter grades. There will be three tests and a series of quizzes given during the semester. For all tests in this class you may have a single sided sheet of notes. Chapter problems must be turned in during the class period following the completion of the chapter that the problem is located in. Example: if we finish chapter 16 on Tuesday then the problem from chapter 16 would be due Thursday. Being late to class or having to leave early or having to temporarily leave during a class will result in a 1% reduction or 5 points from the 500 possible shown above. Turn-in (each chapter has a problem to do and turn in; these are due the day after we finish the chapter. Example if we finish chapter 15 on Monday then the problem for chapter 15 would be due on Wednesday.)
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2012 for the course ACCT 3312 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi.

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ACCT-3312_001_Fall_20112012 - ACCT 3312-001 TR 2:00-3:15pm...

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