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P14-03 - start2 I:1/4 red lamp B O:2/4 Note an auxiliary...

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a solution for P14-3 P14-3. Repeat problem 14-1 for an SLC with the inputs in slot 1 and the outputs in slot 2. Addresses for SLC family: stop1: I:1/0 green lamp: O:2/0 start1: I:1/1 motor starter A: O:2/11 float: I:1/2 motor starter B: O:2/12 stop2: I:1/3 red lamp A: O:2/13
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Unformatted text preview: start2 I:1/4 red lamp B: O:2/4 Note, an auxiliary relay from the motor starter was used as an input to control the red lamp. Thus, the lighting of the red lamp provides positive confirmation that the starter contacts closed....
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