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P14-04 - c Label the timer numbers bases and presets...

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P14- 4. Figure 14-64 shows a ladder diagram for a heater-blower system that uses time delays to control the operation of the blower. In particular, the blower does not come on until the heater has heated up and it remains on until the heater has cooled down. It is desired to have a PLC 5/30 control the system and replace as much hardware as possible. Assume 16 point I/O cards are used with one- slot addressing. Make a drawing similar in format to figure 14-50 and: a. Draw the required inputs and outputs b. Draw the PLC ladder diagram showing the addresses for all devices assuming the I/O cards are in rack 0, with the input card in slot 5 and the output card in slot 7.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Label the timer numbers, bases, and presets, assuming the desired time delay is 10 seconds for the blower to turn on after the heater starts and 45 seconds to turn off after the heater stops. With one-slot addressing, each slot is an I/O group, so slot 5 will be I/O group 5 and slot 7 will be I/O group 7. Addresses for single-slot addressing: stop1: I:005/00 green lamp: O:007/00 start1: I:005/01 motor starter: O:007/01 thermostat: I:005/02 heater: O:007/02 red lamp: O:007/03 Timer base: 1.0; presets: TON = 10 TOF = 45...
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