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P14-08 - Since the problem specified the rack number as 1...

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P14- 8. Do problem 14-7 except use two-slot addressing for the PLC 5/30. Addresses for two-slot addressing: With two-slot addressing, each pair of slots (starting with 0 and 1) will be an I/O group. Thus, slots 2 and 3 will be in I/O group 1. Since 8 point cards are being used, the Outputs in slot 3 will occupy the upper byte of the output word for the I/O group.
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Unformatted text preview: Since the problem specified the rack number as 1, the addresses will all use 011 for the word number. stop1: I:011/00 green lamp: O:011/10 start1: I:011/01 motor starter: O:011/11 thermostat: I:011/02 heater: O:011/12 red lamp: O:011/13...
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