P14-12and13 - address and input M1 Figure 14-12 solution...

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Solutions to Problems P14-12 and 13 P14-12. Convert the electro-mechanical ladder diagram shown in Figure 12-47 to a PLC- 5/30 ladder diagram. The figure shows a solution. This assumes both the NO M1 contact and the NC M2 contact are used as inputs. Since M2 is NC, we use a XIC command in the PLC program to control the Green Light. When the motor starts, M2 will open and the XIC will also then be open. Note: it probably would not be necessary to wire both M1 and M2 as inputs to the PLC. Either one could be wired as an input to provide confirmation that the motor starter is working, unless we wanted to use both for double verification (e.g., to detect welded contacts on M1 or M2). If M1 was used by itself, then the green light could be controlled with an XIO command, using the same
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Unformatted text preview: address and input M1. Figure 14-12 solution P14-13. Using the table below, specify addressing for the PLC-5/30 ladder diagram that you prepared for problem 14-11. Assume that you are using Rack 01 with the input card in slot 6 and the output card in slot 7. ADDRESS (Using 16-point cards) ADDRESS (Using 8-point cards) I/O DEVICE 1-slot addressing 2-slot addressing 1-slot addressing 2-slot addressing Stop I:016/00 I:01 3 /00 I:016/00 I:01 3 /00 Start I:016/01 I:01 3 /01 I:016/01 I:01 3 /01 M1 I:016/02 I:01 3 /02 I:016/02 I:01 3 /02 M2 I:016/03 I:01 3 /03 I:016/03 I:01 3 /03 M-coil O:017/00 O:01 3 /00 O:017/00 O:01 3 /10 Red Lite O:017/01 O:01 3 /01 O:017/01 O:01 3 /11 Green Lite O:017/02 O:01 3 /02 O:017/02 O:01 3 /12...
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P14-12and13 - address and input M1 Figure 14-12 solution...

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