Fall 2011 - Fall 2011 Simulations Test I Valrie Chambers Accounting 3321 Using Excel and/or Word submit the answers to the following questions

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Fall 2011, Simulations Test I Valrie Chambers, Accounting 3321 Using Excel and/or Word, submit the answers to the following questions, showing all work: Read the following situations. Where a calculation is required, use Excel to present your answer. Where a written answer (e.g. reasoning or recommendation) is required, use Word to present your answer. Where a 1040 or other IRS form is required, use the forms at the IRS website or other professional tax software. Where research or citation is required, use the Checkpoint electronic library available to you through the Mary and Jeff Bell Library home page. All citations must be in the correct format from an authoritative source. This problem should take approximately 1 hour, closed-book. (When you finish, you may check your work using as much time as you'd like to perfect your answer. Remember however, that the grading is based on a one-hour response - this is not a term paper!) Required: 1) Memo (10 points) Your client, and individual taxpayer, has heard that the donation made to his church may produce
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