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EXCUSED ABSENCE FORM Completed by Student Date of Absence : Graded In-Class Assignment Missed: (please provide Turnitin.com Assignment # and Assignment Title) Reason for Absence : (please be specific) Policy Review In-class assignments due by the end of a given class session may not be made up. However, students who missed class because of a legitimate, excusable absence will receive “no score” (rather than zero) on any graded in-class assignments that occurred on that date if they successfully complete and submit the “Excused Absence Form” to the designated link on
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Unformatted text preview: Turnitin.com within 1 week of the excused absence. Students may submit the “Excused Absence Form” for two absences. Legitimate absences include family emergencies; sickness, one-time transportation problems (car won’t start, accident, etc); and other legitimate, unpreventable circumstances. Inexcusable absences include work conflicts, other course conflicts, nonemergency doctor appointments, and other issues that could have been completed at another time....
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