2.1 Written Report Assignment Sheet (Book Chapter fall 2011)

2.1 Written Report Assignment Sheet (Book Chapter fall...

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Page 1 FORMAL WRITTEN REPORT The formal written report will contain parts of several other assignments completed throughout the semester. Some of the assignments will be completed in class; other assignments will be completed outside of class. Students who attend class regularly and complete each of the earlier assignments should not find the formal written report to require much additional time to complete. Students absent on the dates of intermediary assignments are expected to complete the assignments on their own time and submit the assignments by the posted deadline. Students are expected to complete and submit their own work. No portion of the final report—or any of the preliminary assignments--may be copied from another student or undocumented source. Reports found to be copied will receive a reduced grade based on the amount of copying. Likewise, students who knowingly or unknowingly allow other students to copy their work will also receive a reduced grade based on the amount of copying. 1. Select an Appropriate Business Textbook Chapter* Select a chapter from any business textbook that contains both first- and second-level headings. The Guffey textbook would be acceptable. You may instead select a chapter of interest from this reference book, which the instructor has placed in the A&M-CC Library Reserve Department: Letitia Baldrige’s New Complete Guide to Executive Manners (Myers.E.B.1000). Perform these tasks once you have selected a chapter: A. Skim through the entire chapter. B. Select any two of the chosen chapter’s major headings (first-degree). Each of the headings selected must contain at least five full paragraphs of text. The two headings will be used later when writing the background essay (Assignment 2A), writing the survey questions (Assignment 2B), and writing the “discussion” section (Assignment 8). C. Select two subheadings (second-degree) to place under one of the main headings. *Note: If the selected book is used in a business core class (i.e., ACCT 2301, MGMT 3312, MKTG 3310, BLAW 3310, etc.) the survey prepared in Instruction 2B may be administered to any business student (Instruction 4). If the selected book is used in a major course (i.e., ACCT 3311, MGMT 4320, MKTG 3350, etc.), only students in that academic major may complete the survey. 2. Write the “Background” Essay and Survey Questions Assignment 1 Class session discussed: TR: Aug. 25 MW: R: Earlier assignment used: No Sample format provided: Yes Used for a future assignment: Yes (all remaining assignments) Submitted to Turnitin.com: Yes TR: Sept. 6, 11:59 p.m. MW: R: Graded: No (0 points) Submitted for review but no points
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Page 2 A. Include these items in the background essay: (a) a centered heading, “Background”; (b) a one- or two-paragraph introduction that identifies the purpose of the essay, describes the significance of the topic, and previews the two main points—see page 391 in the course textbook for more information and a sample introduction; (c) the two main headings obtained
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2.1 Written Report Assignment Sheet (Book Chapter fall...

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