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2.8 Written Report (Assign 7 Format Guide)

2.8 Written Report (Assign 7 Format Guide) - bosses and...

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Conclusions Based on the findings of the business etiquette survey of the 20 respondents, the following conclusions are drawn: 1. Bosses are not obligated to attend weddings and employees are not obligated to invite their bosses. 2. Work is not the appropriate place to have baby showers. 3. A boss acknowledging the birth of their employees’ babies is important. Recommendations Supported by the findings and conclusions of this study, the following recommendations are offered: 1. Guidelines should be in place on the specifics of how to handle obligations of both
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Unformatted text preview: bosses and employees when an employee gets married. A handbook should be implemented on celebrations in general. 2. Clear policies should be in place forbidding baby showers at work. Other alternatives should be suggested. The same handbook should be used. 3. Bosses should be consistent when acknowledging the birth of employees babies. They should stock up on like gifts or send everyone a note of congratulations....
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