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2.11 Written Report (order of earlier assign)

2.11 Written Report (order of earlier assign) - Written...

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Written Report (Assign 5) Background Companies become a second family to both their employees and their employees’ families. People are the very heart of a company, rather than the equipment, offices, showrooms, and paperwork. Baldrige (1993) reminds us, “Business is about people, and people REPORT SECTION ASSIGNMENT SHEET INSTRUCTION # TURNITIN.COM ASSIGNMENT # Summary paragraphs, in- text citations, reference page Delete any personal pronouns (I, me, my, you, your, etc.) . Delete reference page 5 “Written Report (Assign 5)” Findings Delete memo heading words Delete introductory paragraph Delete any personal pronouns (I, me, my, you, your, etc.) Delete page 2 header, if any 8 “Written Report (Assign 8)” Conclusions & Recommendations 7 “Written Report (Assign 7)” References Delete summary paragraphs and in-text citations 5 “Written Report (Assign 5)” Graphics Cut lead-in sentences; paste them into the appropriate spot within the “Findings” section Place the Table before the Figure 6 “Written Report (Assign 6)” Survey Instrument Delete summary paragraphs 2B “Written Report (Assign 2)” SurveyMonkey Tally Sheet Delete e-mail message 4 “Written Report (Assign 4)”
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Written Report (Assign 5) have babies, get married, get sick, grow old, die, and engage in all kinds of other human activities” (p. 538). People who run companies do well to remember the people who work for them and their needs. Everyone needs to know the proper manners for celebrations and rites of passage. There are many occasions that call for celebration, but here the focus is on company anniversaries and when an employee gets married or has a baby (Baldrige, 1993). Company Anniversaries Important anniversaries should be given special attention by all companies. This is the best way to remind the press, customers, and employees of what has been achieved up to this point and what to expect in the coming years. Companies will gain many rewards when anniversaries are celebrated appropriately. Some of the benefits include: (a) uplifting of employee attitudes and higher productivity, (b) putting a new face on the company, its products and services, and (c) increasing sales. The tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth, hundredth, and each following quarter is when the red carpet should be rolled out. Planning the celebration is the most critical part and should be handled appropriately (Baldrige, 1993). One person should be put in charge of planning the celebration. Someone inspired, artistic, organized, and knowledgeable about the company and coworkers. Employees should also be involved in the planning and should be asked to provide their own ideas. Public relations people should be involved to help with all media. Reasons for the celebration should be well defined and a budget should be established. Anniversaries can take from five to ten years to plan depending on the businesses’ size. Next, a list should be made of all people that are to be a part of the celebration. The list should include employees, clients, vendors,
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2.11 Written Report (order of earlier assign) - Written...

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