2.12 Sample Survey Instrument to Post on Surveymonkey(factual)

2.12 Sample Survey Instrument to Post on Surveymonkey(factual)

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CELEBRATION AND RIGHTS OF PASSAGES Employee Birthday Celebrations 1. According to etiquette expert Letitia Baldrige, companies should celebrate the birthday of each employee individually. True False 2. Birthday gifts are normally not given in the business world. True False 3. A company may send an “R”-rated or insulting birthday card if the recipient is likely to enjoy it. True False 4. At what age would it be most appropriate for a company to acknowledge the birthday of an employee? 21 40 50 65 75 Employee Weddings and Birth Announcements
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Employee Weddings 1. Employees should make it easy for the boss to decline a wedding invitation by writing something such as this in a note attached to an invitation: “I know you probably don’t have the time to come, but I wanted you to hear about this happy event directly from
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Unformatted text preview: us.” True False 2. The company should not issue an imperial decree that wedding and baby showers are to be held anywhere but in the office. True False 3. Giving employees a day off from work would be considered an inappropriate wedding gift. True False Birth Announcements 1. The boss is not obligated to sending a baby gift or sending a personal note of congratulations to the parents. True False 2. The boss should acknowledge the birth of an illegitimate child born to an employee. True False 3. If an important client or customer who is personally close to the boss has a baby, what would be considered an appropriate “top of the line” gift? Company stock Persian blankets or linens Prepaid tuition to USC Engraved sterling silver Gold watch and chain...
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2.12 Sample Survey Instrument to Post on Surveymonkey(factual)

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