3.1 Oral 1 (Assignment Sheet TR 11) Fall 2011

3.1 Oral 1 (Assignment Sheet TR 11) Fall 2011 - ORAL...

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ORAL PRESENTATION #1 Topic Assigned topic in What Color Is Your Parachute? (Library Reserve: Myers B4) Assigned topic in Robert Half on Hiring (Library Reserve: Myers B5) (See assigned topic list elsewhere within the Learning Module tool). Presentation Dates September 13: A – Ha September 15: He – M September 20: N – Z May change date and topic with a classmate (let instructor know of change as soon as possible). Students will attend class all three sessions. On the date indicated above, students will deliver their presentation; on the other two dates, they will listen and evaluate other students. Students who do not attend one (or more) presentation session must complete a make-up assignment (see “Make-up Assignments” on a later page) or lose 5 points per absence off their Oral Presentation #1 score. The make-up assignment(s) must be completed and submitted before the instructor returns the Oral Presentation #1 grading sheet. Location OCNR 240 (regular room) Oral Students attempting to earn 47 points (94%) or higher may not use a printed outline. Presentation Instead, they will refer exclusively to the computer monitor containing their PowerPoint Outline slide outline. Even though these students will not be using a printed outline, their presentation still needs to contain the organizational elements shown in the Figure 14.2 illustration (p. 461), including the detailed transitions between the main points in the presentation body. Students opting to speak from a printed outline (earning fewer than 47 points) need to prepare an outline using the organizational elements shown on page 461. The outline needs to include detailed transitions similar to those illustrated on page 461. The presentation needs to be delivered extemporaneously-- not read word-for-word from the outline. These students must submit a copy of the outline—containing the same content as the one used during the presentation--to the instructor immediately before their presentation begins.
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Time Limit Speak between 5 to 10 minutes, which includes up to three questions. Point deductions will be assessed presentations that end before or after the required time limits (see “Oral Presentation #1 Grading Factors” below for details). Organization
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3.1 Oral 1 (Assignment Sheet TR 11) Fall 2011 - ORAL...

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