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4.3 HATS Revision 1 (Review) - Each team is given a $100...

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To: Western Region Store Managers From: Sara Howard, FastFood Operations Manager Date: August 25, 2011 Re: Recruiting, Hiring, Scheduling, and Retaining Employees On a recent visit to Las Vegas, I found a FastFood store that is getting and keeping a quality work force, a goal which, as you know, is an ongoing problem for our industry. The manager, Carl Wallace, shared the success strategy with me, and I recommend it to you for implementation. Carl’s strategy includes determining appropriate staff levels, finding qualified staff, and retaining employees. Carl has determined that the standard FastFood staff figure of one employee for every $2,500 of monthly sales is not optimal. After experimenting, he found the best figure to be $1,800. At this level, more employee flexibility is achievable. Maintaining adequate staffing levels is an industry-wide challenge. To solve this problem, Carl has organized his workforce into three teams.
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Unformatted text preview: Each team is given a $100 monthly budget to use in recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees. If the team’s staff level is maintained at 10 throughout a quarter, each member of the team receives a $100 bonus. Another industry problem is employee retention. Annual turnover at Carl’s store has decreased 151 percent since implementing his program. Four incentives have helped improve employee retention: Monthly free-food days; 30-days wage evaluations for new employees, quarterly for all employees; monthly performance reviews for all employees; and “Buddies” and other programs to ensure employee satisfaction. Because of Carl’s success, I strongly recommend that you consider implementing one or more of these approaches as appropriate in your store. Please send me an e-mail response to this memo by the first of next month to let me know your specific plans....
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