5.1 Chapter 4 Exercise 1 - CHAPTER 4 EXERCISE 1 CASE...

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CHAPTER 4 EXERCISE 1 CASE BACKGROUND At Home Depot, John Smith emphasizes the importance of carefully planning messages to all audiences: employees, customers, and suppliers. You have recently joined Home Depot’s community relations department in the company’s Atlanta headquarters (known as the Store Support Center). Two of your main functions are (a) helping store managers and other company executives plan effective business messages for a variety of audiences and (b) responding to press inquiries about Home Depot. INSTRUCTIONS Perform the following tasks: 1. Read the four situations that are described below. 2. Review each of the alternative (a-d) provided. 3. Choose the best alternatives for handling the situations. 4. Delete (“cut”) the nonselected alternative options. 5. Save your work on your USB drive (or computer desktop) and post the file to the appropriate link on turnitin.com. Situation 1: What is the purpose of the letter? You have received a phone call from Ann Mason, a reporter for a small Idaho newspaper. She is planning to write an article about Home Depot’s recent decision to open a store in her community, a small town in a rural area of Idaho. Mason has asked you for information about the economic impact of Home Depot stores in other small communities across the nation. When responding to Mason’s request, what should the purpose of your letter be? a.
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5.1 Chapter 4 Exercise 1 - CHAPTER 4 EXERCISE 1 CASE...

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