5.2 Chapter 4 Exercise 2 (identify error only)

5.2 Chapter 4 Exercise 2 (identify error only) - Chapter 4...

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Chapter 4 Exercise 2 Document for Analysis: Weak Internal Memo Your Task : Study the following memo, which is based on an actual document sent to employees. How can you apply what you learned in this chapter to improving this memo? Revise the memo to make it more courteous, positive, and precise. Focus on developing the “you” view and using familiar language. Remove any gender-biased references. Consider revising this memo as a collaboration project using Word’s Comment feature. TO: All Employees Using HP 5000 Computers It has recently come to my attention that a computer security problem exists within our organization. I understand that the problem is twofold in nature: Your cooperation is urgently needed in solving a serious computer security problem. To enable you to keep your files and those of the entire company secure, please follow these two actions a. You have been sharing computer passwords. b.
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