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Activity 4.10/Activity 4.11 Activity 4.10 Channel Selection Using Figure 4.2 on page 116, suggest the best communication channels for the following messages. Assume that all channels shown are available. Be prepared to explain your choices. a. You need to know whether Crystal in Reprographics can produce a rush job for you in two days. b. As part of a task force to investigate cell phone marketing, you need to establish a central location where each team member can see general information about the task as well as add comments for others to see. Task force members are located throughout the country. c. You want to know what team members are available immediately for a quick teleconference meeting. They are all workaholics and glued to their computers. d. As human resources manager during a company reorganization, you must tell six employees that they will lose their jobs. e. A prospective client in Japan wants price quotes for a number of your products as soon as possible. Activity 4.11 Analyzing Audiences
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Unformatted text preview: Using the questions in Figure 4.4 on page 118, write a brief analysis of the audience for each of the following communication tasks. a. You are about to send an e-mail to your regional sales manager describing your visit to a new customer who is demanding special discounts. b. You are preparing a cover letter for a job that you saw advertised in a local newspaper. You are confident that your qualifications match the job description. c. As an administrator at the municipal water department, you must write a letter to water users explaining that the tap water may taste and smell bad; however, it poses no threats to health. d. You are planning to write an e-mail to your boss to try to persuade her to allow you to attend a computer class that will require you to leave work early two days a week for ten weeks. e. You are preparing an unsolicited sales letter to a targeted group of executives promoting part-time ownership in a corporate jet plane....
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