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Passive Voice Verbs “Tools of the Devil” To identify passive voice, apply these three distinct rules: 1. Form of a “be” verb (be, is, am, are, was, were, been) + 2. A past participle of an action verb + 3. The subject as recipient of the verb’s action. Please rewrite the letter below changing passive voice verbs to active voice verbs. (Hint: Every sentence must be rewritten . You must rewrite every sentence.) Dear Customer: Your letter of January 14, 2011, was received by the customer service department and was directed to my attention. Three specific complaints were mentioned in your letter: 1. The computer keyboard keys were incorrectly labeled;
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Unformatted text preview: 2. An incompatible monitor had been shipped; and 3. The software package, which was shipped with your computer, was damaged during shipment. While the keyboard and monitor will be gladly replaced with new equipment, a complaint must be made with the trucking company for the damaged software. A new keyboard and monitor will be shipped to you as soon as the original equipment is returned. Any inconvenience or delay that you have experienced is deeply regretted. Sincerely, Note: The use of passive voice in several sentences of the above letter may be appropriate because of the sensitive nature of the message....
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