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6.5 Sentence-Paragraph Activity (plagiarism)

6.5 Sentence-Paragraph Activity (plagiarism) -...

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Sentence/Paragraph Activity This activity will give students the opportunity to apply some of the sentence and paragraph concepts learned in Chapter 5 along with paraphrasing concepts covered in a later chapter. Both tasks will require students to analyze one full paragraph. Students who remembered to bring the photocopied pages from the business textbook used in “Written Report—Assignment 1” may select any one full paragraph from that passage (avoid the first paragraph under a main headings as it probably previews the content covered in lower-level headings). Students who forgot to bring the photocopied pages will analyze the paragraph typed inside the box below. This passage below appeared in a student’s paper posted on the Internet. Part 1: Sentence/Paragraph Tasks Please complete these tasks as you analyze the paragraph selected: 1. Locate the topic sentence of the paragraph. In which sentence of the paragraph did the topic sentence appear? (First, second, third, etc.) ____________________ 2.
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