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Activity 7.8 You are part of the newly formed Committee on Web Site Redesign. Its function is to look into the possible redesign of your company Web site. Some managers think that the site is looking a bit dated. The committee delegates you to ask Cole Prewarski, Web master and manager, some questions. The committee wonders whether he has done any usability tests on the current site. The committee wants to know how much a total Web redesign might cost. It also would like to know about the cost of a partial redesign. Someone wanted to know whether animation, sound, or video could be added and wondered if Cole would recommend doing so. Someone else thought that the timing of a redesign might be important. The committee asks you to add other questions to your memo. Invite Cole to a meeting February 26. Assume that he knows about the committee. Your Task : Write a “ request ” e-mail message to Cole Prewarski requesting answers to several questions and
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Unformatted text preview: inviting him to a meeting. Be sure to organize your message as instructed in class. Adhere to effective writing standards (i.e., organization, syntax, wording, spelling, grammar, etc.). Students submitting assignments with writing deficiencies will receive a lower score regardless of the content and organization of ideas; in addition, they will be recommended for appropriate remedial assistance, such as tutoring at the writing center or enrolling in a remedial English course. Each student must write his or her own memo assignment; copying passages from other students or other sources--or allowing someone else to copy--is not allowed. When you complete your revision, please cut (delete) the instruction page (this page). Submit your assignment to turnitin.com (Activity 7.8) before the end of class today ....
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