9.1 Chapter 8 (Letter Format Example)

9.1 Chapter 8 (Letter Format Example) - FLOWER FIELDS...

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FLOWER FIELDS NURSERIES AND ROSES 304 Litchfield Lane Bakersfield, CA 92501 www.flowerfields.com (661) 650-3591 2” from top or 1 blank line below letterhead September 27, 2011 Mr. James Lee 1390 Moorpark Avenue San Jose, CA 95127 Dear Mr. Lee SUBJECT: ADJUSTMENT FOR SIX ROSE BUSHES PURCHASED LAST YEAR You may choose six rose bushes as replacements, or you may have a full cash refund for the roses your purchased last year. The quality of our plants and the careful handling they receive assure you of healthy, viable roses for your garden. Even so, plants sometimes fail without apparent cause. That’s why every plant carries a guarantee to grow and to establish itself in your garden. Along with this letter is a copy of our current catalog for you to select six new roses or reorder the favorites you chose last year. Two of your previous selections—Red Velvet and Rose Princess—were last season’s best-selling roses. For fragrance and old-rose charm, you might like to try the new David Austin English Roses. These enormously popular hybrids resulted from crossing full-petaled old garden roses with modern repeat-flowering shrub roses. To help you enjoy your roses to the fullest, you’ll also receive a copy of our authoritative Home Gardener’s Guide to Roses. This comprehensive booklet provides easy-to-follow planting tips as well as sound advice about sun, soil, and drainage requirements for roses. To receive your free replacement order, just fill out the order form inside the catalog and attach
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9.1 Chapter 8 (Letter Format Example) - FLOWER FIELDS...

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