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9.2 Chapter 8 (Routine Message Example)

9.2 Chapter 8 (Routine Message Example) - purposes 1 What...

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EARTH SYSTEMS 4439 Hitchcock Way Ventura, CA 93105 September 27, 2011 Mr. Jeff Lee, Customer Service Micro Supplies and Software P.O. Box 648 Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 Dear Mr. Lee: SUBJECT: REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SECURITY EQUIPMENT Please provide information and recommendations regarding security equipment to prevent theft of office computers and peripherals. Our office now has 18 computer workstations and 6 printers that we must secure to desks or counters. Answers to the following questions will help us select the best devices for our
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Unformatted text preview: purposes: 1. What device would you recommend that can secure a workstation consisting of a computer, monitor, and keyboard? 2. What expertise and equipment are required to install and remove the security device? 3. How much is each device? Do you offer quantity discounts, and if so, how much? Your response before June 25 will help us meet a July 1 deadline from our insurance carrier for locking down this equipment. Sincerely, Deana Gomez Office Manager DG:pc...
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