9.3 Activity 8.1 - Activity 8.1 Direct Openings...

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Activity 8.1 Direct Openings Positive/Routine Message Type Possible opening sentence 1. Request for information/action 1. Please provide information and (p. 227) recommendations regarding security equipment.” 2. Order messages 2. Please send me by UPS the following items (p. 227) from your fall merchandise catalog.” 3. Direct claims 3. Please send us 25 Sanyo digital travel alarm (p. 233) clocks to replace the Sanyo analog travel alarm clocks sent in error with our order shipped January 4.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---- 4. Responding to request 4. “Yes, we do offer personnel record-keeping (p. 229) software specially designed for small business like yours.” 5. Adjustments 5. “You will be receiving shortly a new slim (p. 236) Nokia 8600 cell phone to replace the one that shattered when dropped recently.” Activity 8.1 Exercise (p. 246)
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Revise the following opening paragraphs so that they are more direct. Add information if necessary. Also, identify the type of routine message (request for information/action, order message, direct claim, direct reply, or adjustment). a.
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9.3 Activity 8.1 - Activity 8.1 Direct Openings...

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