9.5 Adjustment Letter Activity (Unpleasant Consumer Experience Yelp)

9.5 Adjustment Letter Activity (Unpleasant Consumer Experience Yelp)

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Adjustment Letter Activity Read the consumer experience of Vivian Ellen C. (April 21, 2011) written up in the linked Yelp review . You may either use that unpleasant consumer experience scenario to write the adjustment letter or you may find a similar scenario for another company. Pretend as though you are the owner or manager of the company that received the complaint review mentioned in the first paragraph of this assignment sheet. Write an adjustment letter to the writer of the message. Include all the sections of a formal business letter (see p. B-4). Use the content organization of an adjustment letter explained on pages 236-240. You may make up any information needed to complete the letter (names, addresses, details, etc.).
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Unformatted text preview: Adhere to effective writing standards (i.e., organization, syntax, wording, spelling, grammar, etc.). Students submitting assignments with writing deficiencies will receive a lower score regardless of the content and organization of ideas; in addition, they will be recommended for appropriate remedial assistance, such as tutoring at the writing center or enrolling in a remedial English course. Each student must write his or her own letter assignment; copying passages from other students or other sources (including copying directly from the course textbook)--or allowing someone else to copy--is not allowed. Submit your assignment to turnitin.com (“Adjustment Letter Assignment”) before the end of class today ....
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