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Goodwill Message Exercise Instructions: 1. Read the assigned situation described on one of the following pages. The assigned situation is the one with the same number as that printed next to your name on today’s attendance sheet. 2. Copy the assigned situation onto page 1 of a new Microsoft Word file. 3. Write a goodwill message to someone responding to the issue described in the assigned situation. Type the goodwill message on page 2 of the Word file. You may make up names, dates, addresses, and details needed to complete the assignment. Use the letter parts shown in the diagram on page B-4 in the course textbook (the subject line and reference initials are optional). Use block letter style (see page B-7). Use mixed punctuation (see page B-8). 4. Read Baldrige’s suggestion on how to handle the assigned situation. The page number in the Baldrige book is listed below the title of your assigned situation. See how Baldrige’s response compares and contrasts with your own. How is it similar? How is it different? 5. Ask a near-by student to exchange seats (and computers) with you for a few minutes. He/she will pretend as though he/she received the message you just wrote and write a response message back to you (see p. 221, Guffey). You will read the message your classmate wrote, pretend as though it applies to you, and write a response message in return. See page 221 for information and examples on goodwill response messages. You may make up any names, dates, or details needed to complete the assignment. 6. Return to your original seat and save the file that contains these three items: (a) the assigned situation (page 1), your goodwill message (page 2), and your classmate’s response letter (page 3). 7. Post the file to turnitin.com (“Goodwill Letter”) before the end of class today if requested to do so.
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Assigned Goodwill Message Situations 1. Thanks for a Favor, However Small p. 101 (Baldrige) You had a meeting this morning at Aetna’s headquarters. Unfortunately, your car wouldn’t start, so you asked to borrow a colleague’s car. The colleague loaned the car to you. Write a letter to your colleague thanking him/her for the favor of the loaned car. 2. Letter Declining a Favor p. 101 (Baldrige) A close friend of yours (in fact his wife, Marge, is best friends with your wife, Jen) wrote a letter to you requesting a favor. He wondered whether you could help with a business deal. You are unable to help, but you called Pete who you thought could. However, Pete likewise was unable to help. Write a letter to your close friend telling him of your inability to perform the requested favor. 3. Letter of Resignation from a Contented Executive p. 106-7 (Baldrige) You decided to quit working for the Seafarb Co. because of your spouse’s health. Her/his physician recommended a move to a warmer, drier climate. You regret leaving because you view the company as one enjoying continued sales growth (you, in fact, watched the company grow from $2 million to over
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9.6 Goodwill (Baldrige) - Goodwill Message Exercise...

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