10.2 Activity 10.6 Exercise - agreed to many proposals such...

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Activity 10.6 Exercise 9 October, 2008 Ms. Sheila Trumbo, Owner 743 South Washington Royal Oak, MI 48067 Dear Ms. Trumbo; SUBJECT:  UNABLE TO GRANT REQUEST We regret to inform you that we cannot allow you to convert the payments  you   have  been   making   on  your   Canon   X1000   color   copier   toward  its  purchase, much as we would love to do so.  We understand that you have  been making regular payments for the past 16 months. Our   established   company   policy   prohibits   such   conversion   of   leasing  monies.  Perhaps you have noticed that we offer extremely low leasing and  purchase prices.  Obviously, these low prices would never be possible if we 
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Unformatted text preview: agreed to many proposals such as yours. Because we are striving to stay in business, we cannot agree to your request asking us to convert all 16 months of rental payments toward the purchase of our popular new equipment. It is our understanding, Ms. Trumbo, that you have had the Canon X1000 color copier for 16 months, and you claim that it has been rleiable and versatile. We would like to tell you about another Canon modelone that is pehaps closer to your limited budget. Sincerely Joel Cantwell...
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10.2 Activity 10.6 Exercise - agreed to many proposals such...

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