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Activities 8.3 Document for Analysis: Direct Request (Obj. 3) Weaknesses 1. Begins with a wordy, indirect opening. 2. Positions the action request and deadline in the first paragraph instead of at the end of the message where readers expect to find such information. 3. Uses a long lead-in (I am writing this note to ask for your help); buried nouns (had the expectation instead of expected and make a reduction instead of reduce); wordy expression (each and every day); and other wordiness. 4. Organizes message poorly and rambles instead of writing concisely. 5. Uses excessive superlatives (extremely, actually, exceedingly). 6. Fails to list questions in concise, clear, and parallel form. 7. Does not conclude with an end date, reason, or expression of appreciation. Revision To: Amsoft Manager List From: Stella Soto <stella.soto@amsoft.com> Subject: Answering Questions to Address E-Mail Problem Cc: Bcc: Managers, Please help us address the problem of excessive e-mail by answering the questions below. Your
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