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16.4 Graphics Demonstration (Surveymonkey)

16.4 Graphics Demonstration (Surveymonkey) - Surveymonkey...

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Surveymonkey Statistics Instructions for Constructing Tables in Microsoft Word 1. Type the table number and table title (in capital letters) above where you want to create the table. The table number and table title should be left aligned on different lines. 2. Place two blank lines between the title and the top edge of the table. 3. Click on Insert , which is located on the main menu near the top of the monitor screen. 4. Click on Table , which is located on the row of icons immediately below the main menu. 5. Move the cursor arrow down to the Insert Table line. Click on the Insert Table line. The Insert Table dialog box should appear. 6. On the Insert Table dialog box perform these three tasks: A. Specify the desired Number of columns (data to be placed vertically) and Number of rows (data to be placed horizontally) in the appropriate boxes. B. Click the AutoFit to window box (below AutoFit behavior) . C. Click the OK box at the bottom of the Insert Table dialog box. 7. Type the column headings in the top cell of each column. 8. Type the row headings in the first cell of each row. 9. Type the data in the correct column and row location. When moving from cell to cell, be sure to use the direction arrow keys rather than the enter key. 10. Center the column headings (if desired) and the columns that contain data. (“Select” the appropriate columns then click on the Center icon.) 11. Write a source notation below the lower-left corner of the table.
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