17.7 Short Report Format Guide

17.7 Short Report Format Guide - The purpose of this report...

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The purpose of this report is to recommend the Seaside Hotel for the Corpus Christi University alumni meeting next January. My decision is based on the following Introduction three factors. First, the Seaside has a definite downtown location advantage, and this is important to convention goers and their spouses. Second, accommodations (see p. 395) including meeting rooms, are adequate in both places, although the BayFront's rooms are more modern. Third, Seaside room costs are approximately 15% lower than those at the BayFront. The Seaside, however, would charge $400 for a room for the assembly meeting. Although both hotels are adequate, because of location and cost advantages the Seaside appears to be the better choice from the members' viewpoint. Headings (see p. 390, "Criteria") The older of the two hotels, the Seaside is located in the heart of the downtown business district. Thus, it is convenient to the area's two major department stores (see pp. 392-394, "Headings") as well as the other downtown shops. The BayFront, on the other hand, is approximately nine blocks from the major shopping area. Located in the periphery of the business and residential area, it provides little location advantage for those wanting to shop. It does, however, have shops within its walls which provide virtually all of the guest's normal needs. Because many members will bring spouses, however, the downtown location does give the Seaside an advantage. Both hotels can guarantee the 600 rooms we will require. As the BayFront is newer (since 1999), its rooms are more modern and therefore more appealing. The 50-year-old Seaside, however, is well preserved and comfortable. Its rooms are all in good repair, and the equipment is modern. The BayFront has 11 small meeting rooms and the Seaside has 13. All are adequate for our purposes. Both hotels can provide the 10 we need. For our general assembly meeting, the Seaside would make available its Capri Ballroom, which can easily seat our membership. It would also serve as the site of our inaugural dinner. The assembly facilities at the BayFront appear to be somewhat crowded, although the management assures me that it can hold 600. Pillars in the room, however, would make some seats undesirable. In spite of the limitations mentioned, both hotels appear to have adequate facilities for our meeting. Both the Seaside and the BayFront would provide nine rooms for meetings on a complimentary basis. Both would provide complimentary suites for our president and our secretary. The Seaside, however, would charge $400 for use of the room for the assembly meeting. The BayFront would provide this room without charge. Convention rates at the Seaside are $50-$90 for singles, $90-100 for double-bedded rooms, and $88-110 for twin-bedded rooms. Comparable rates of the BayFront are $90-$100, $100-$110, and $100-$120. Thus, the savings at the lamong would be approximately 15% per member. Cost of the dinner selected would be $18 per person, including gratutities, at the Seaside.
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17.7 Short Report Format Guide - The purpose of this report...

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