17.8 Traits Memo Report - "Traits Memo Report"...

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“Traits Memo Report” (Short Report Assignment) Task Write a short informational memo report in which you identify your most desired professional occupation (one that would require a college degree) and describe two job-related traits that you possess that employers would require for someone entering that occupation. The instructor is asking you to compile this information (two outstanding features about you) for a later possible assignment of writing a job cover letter. The most important paragraphs of the cover letter--and often the most neglected--are the paragraphs that identify and elaborate on the writer’s most important job-related traits, educational background, or practical work experience. This assignment will allow you to complete most of this section of the cover letter in advance. When the time comes to write the cover letter later in the semester, you will write an introduction; modify the paragraphs written for this assignment, as needed; and write a conclusion, in which you ask for an interview. Instructions
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17.8 Traits Memo Report - "Traits Memo Report"...

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