17.11 College Recommendation Memo Report

17.11 College Recommendation Memo Report - "College...

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“College Recommendation Memo Report” (Short Report Assignment) Task Write a short analytical memo report in which you indicate you would recommend this university to a close friend. Support your recommendation by responding to the three factors most important to you. Instructions 1. Review the 15 factors important in college satisfaction listed in Appendix A. Select the three factors that are most important to you. These three factors will later become headings in the short report (see Instruction 2.A.3. below). Make a recommendation based on the three factors. 2. Write a short analytical memo report to the instructor. A. Include the memo report components mentioned during lecture and illustrated on the WebCT Chapter 12 Assignment page (“Short Report Format Guide”). 1. Memo heading words (DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT) 2. Introduction (purpose [recommendation], significance, preview) 3. Headings (three factors selected in Instruction #1; the factor headings should be placed in the same order as listed in the introduction’s preview) 4. Content paragraphs (multiple paragraphs under each of the headings. Those paragraphs should support the recommendation made in the Introduction.). B. Adhere to effective writing standards (i.e., organization, paragraph length, paragraph unity, syntax, wording, spelling, grammar, etc.). Students submitting assignments with writing deficiencies will receive a lower score regardless of the content and organization of ideas; in addition, they will be recommended for appropriate remedial assistance, such as tutoring at the writing center or enrolling
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17.11 College Recommendation Memo Report - "College...

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