17.13 Activity 12.17 (Oral #2 Book)

17.13 Activity 12.17 (Oral #2 Book) - Activity 12.17 (p....

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Activity 12.17 (p. 417) Short Report Assignment ( Oral #2 Book ) Your supervisor sent you to an out-of-town conference to hear a well-known speaker deliver the keynote address at the event. The speaker happened to be the author (or one of the co-authors) of the book your MGMT 3315 Oral Presentation #2 team presented to the class. The speaker’s topic was the same as the chapter you presented for Oral Presentation #2. When you returned to the office, the supervisor asked you to write a conference report (in memo format) summarizing two of the speaker’s main points. Even though you listened to the speech attentively, you forgot some of the specific details. Since you possess a photocopy or detailed notes of the chapter, you carefully reviewed the chapter materials. The supervisor said she doesn’t mind your reviewing a secondary source in writing your report; however, the supervisor insists that you provide an APA-formatted reference page and provide in-text citations for any idea or quotation taken from the secondary source. The supervisor said to use the usual short report format (the only items that need to be prepared in APA format are the reference page and the in-text citations). Instructions
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17.13 Activity 12.17 (Oral #2 Book) - Activity 12.17 (p....

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