20.1 Final Exam Review - FINAL EXAM REVIEW Date MGMT...

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Unformatted text preview: FINAL EXAM REVIEW Date MGMT 3315.002 (TR 11:00-12:15) Thursday, December 8, 11:00-1:30 MGMT 3315.004 (TR 8:00-9:15) Thursday, December 8, 8:00 a.m.-10:30 May not be taken earlier or later. Content Chapters 4-13 Appendix A Pages A-2 to A-20 (Checkpoint Sentences 1-75) Appendix B Pages B-1 to B-9 Appendix C Pages C-1 to C-5 H.A.T.S. Review your class notes or read the article (available through Business Source Premier database: William H. Baker, author; Business Communication Quarterly , journal). Materials to Bring Pen or pencil SandDollar card with a positive cash balance Format Three parts. May not consult textbook, notes, instructor, other students, or any other form of assistance for any part. Part 1. “Checkpoint” Sentences (15 @ 1 point each) Identify whether 15 sentences contain correct punctuation, grammar, and mechanics. If they do not, correctly revise them. The sentences used will come directly from “Checkpoint” sentences 1-75 reviewed in Appendix A. To receive full credit for a sentence, the correction(s) made must coincide with the intended grammar guide provided in Appendix A. Review Exercise : Complete these Checkpoint sentences in the Guffey textbook: Checkpoint Sentences 1-5 (p. A-3) Checkpoint Sentences 6-10 (p. A-4) Checkpoint Sentences 11-15 (p. A-5) Checkpoint Sentences 16-20 (p. A-7) Checkpoint Sentences 21-25 (p. A-7) Checkpoint Sentences 26-30 (p. A-9) Checkpoint Sentences 31-35 (p. A-9) Checkpoint Sentences 36-40 (p. A-11) Checkpoint Sentences 41-45 (p. A-12) Checkpoint Sentences 46-50 (p. A-12) Checkpoint Sentences 51-55 (p. A-14)Checkpoint Sentences 51-55 (p....
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20.1 Final Exam Review - FINAL EXAM REVIEW Date MGMT...

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