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Watermelon Co. 4268 Jupiter Ave. Wordy Wood, AK 24689 (907) 465 – 3500 October 4, 2011 Mrs. Briana Hobohobo 325 Mars Rd. Apt #108 Wordy Wood, AK 24688 Mrs. Briana Hobohobo: Thank you for your letter expressing the need of temporary employee during our busy season. On August 1 st , we recruited 20 employees, and thoroughly trained them. During the training program, they constantly received the good comments from the trainers. We also tested their ability in the case of three times normal customers. After a week 20 out of 20 maintained their excellent attitude toward the customers and improved their teamwork ability under the pressure.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition, all of them express their wants to stay with us for a long time, so that I believe that they can handle probably well in any situation. Since we have very good quality new employees, I believe they will cooperate very well with old employees and retain the best services to customers. Call me at (907) 465 – 8888 to let me know of your interest in working with them. I’ll be happy to reschedule you to supervise those new employees to make sure everything run well. Sincerely, Viet Hoang Manager, Services & Quality Department...
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