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Date: September 22, 2011 To: Elwin Myers <[email protected]> From: Viet Hoang <[email protected]> Subject: Chapter 7 Critical Thinking Answer for Question 3 and 4 Cc: Bcc: Dear Dr. Myers, Please review the letter to justify my answers for the two questions related to the critical thinking in Chapter 7. The risk of exposure is the reason why the companies need to manage their electronic communication channel carefully and why once you send your information out, you are likely to publish it. Companies need to manage their electronic communication channel carefully Computer data can be discovered by third parties if not managed properly. It can end up in the company’s opponent hands. From that point, many things can happen. The embarrassing data can be used to negate the value/image of the company, and the crucial information can be used against the company in any law suit case. The law states that if the company engages in any legal dispute, it cannot extinguish evidence that can be used against it. So, to be protected from
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