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Employment Communication Activity 1 - of job opportunity in...

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My preferred occupation is financial analysts. According to O*NET Online, I know that my job will involve working with charts, graphs, spreadsheet, and technical reports. Illustrating data into those charts, or spreadsheet, I analyze the data, and give out advice to customers about their interested company’s information. Customers use my suggestion to decide how they will invest and the maximum they would take when they invest. The jobs salary is quite low at entry level (less than $43,000); however, as you progress further with the job, your salary can be over $120,000 in Texas and over $140,000 national wide. As indicated by the big different in salary range, the entrant level is very competition (job offer is less than job demand) despite that the occupation’s employment is expected to grow more than 20% in the period from 2008-2018. Bachelor’s degree is required for financial analysts, and a master degree in MBA can open a lot
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Unformatted text preview: of job opportunity in this industry. I am currently a senior students majoring in accounting and finance. I will complete my bachelor’s degree by 2013. Before that, I am looking for the internship opportunity related to my major so I can have more experienced skills as well as understanding more about my job. Recently I am working for a selling position in the university center. Before, I helped my classmates after class to help them solve any difficulties they had during class. My strengths are responsible and analytical. I am always bear in mind that the goods of the company outweigh individual’s achievement; therefore, I’ll try my best to accompany my co-worker to improve their skill and working experience within my ability. Besides, I am very careful with my work, so you can count on me not to make any silly mistake because I double check my work before I turn in everything....
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