LOLLY CAKES - not concentrate well on the customer She...

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LOLLY CAKES 5425 S Padre Island Dr Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 423-4560 September 27, 2011 Ms. Vivian Callen 2345 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78415 Dear Ms. Callen SUBJECT: ADJUSTMENT FOR BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE LAST MONTH You should receive by September 30 a $50 gift card as the compensation for your bad experience last month. We try our best to bring the best satisfaction for customer, and we make investigation in your case. Throughout the conversation with Ms. Linda, the girl that sold cupcakes for you that day, we know that she was in hurry mood because her husband was in surgery operation on the same day. She didn’t tell us before that day, and we assume that her attitude was deeply affected by her situation. She explained that she was thinking about her husband’s condition during the day, and she could
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Unformatted text preview: not concentrate well on the customer. She regretted about her actions, and she would give you her excuse when you come back. She promises that those actions will not be repeated again. On the other hand, all of our sellers are totally fresh trained on the day their applications got accepted. As you can see from others day, all the customers include you come to buy our cupcakes and go out with happily smile. We will enforce the rule that in the emergency situation that employee cannot guarantee performing well during that day, they MUST talk with the employer the days before either by mail, or face to face. Your satisfaction is our goal. We appreciate any advice/suggestion from you that we can improve our service quality. Sincerely Viet Hoang General Manager vh:pe...
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LOLLY CAKES - not concentrate well on the customer She...

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