Persuation Letter - The addition supports will surely make everything move faster The faster the customers can pay to get out of the supermarket

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Viet Hoang 4263 Penny Left Ave. Broke, LA 82292 October 4, 2011 Mr. Easy Rawlins Coconut Co. Financial Advisor 325 Bills Mills Rd. Prospect, LA 24688 Dear Mr. Easy Rawlins, When you go shopping in your favorite supermarkets, you enjoy the variety of goods available and the fast pace of the cashiers. In Thanksgiving, you go shopping there, choose stuffs and get in line. The lines move and you wait till your turn. After 15 minutes you are still in the middle of the line, and it would take you another 15 minutes until you can pay. You get tired. You look around and it seems that every other line is full of people as well. That’s the problems with our current cashier staffs. In normal days, they strive to cash items for customers. I can imagine they would do much more slowly in busy days under pressure of huge customers flow. Therefore, we have an urge of having more temporary cashiers during the busy season.
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Unformatted text preview: The addition supports will surely make everything move faster. The faster the customers can pay to get out of the supermarket, the happier they are. The chance that they will come back will be higher. After the busy season, you can spread the temporary cashiers to others division of our company, or if they show the desire of being a cashier, I would more than happy to keep them in our line. As I mention above, our current cashiers have been struggling to cash the customers good. So more cashiers come will definitely help the current cashiers. To evaluate the current payment processing through payment gate, let me send you the statistical data of our operating day last month. All payment gates are opened on normal days 12 out of 24 hours. Please look at that and implement the hiring process as the busy season is coming soon. Thank for your cooperation! Viet Hoang Cashier Team Leader...
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