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Sentence/Paragraph Activity Part 1: Sentence/Paragraph Tasks Please complete these tasks as you analyze the paragraph selected: 1. Locate the topic sentence of the paragraph. In which sentence of the paragraph did the topic sentence appear? (First, second, third, etc.) __First__________________ 2. Was the paragraph unified; that is, did all sentences directly relate to the main idea stated in the topic sentence? (yes, no) ___Yes___________________ 3. How many sentences are in the paragraph? (#) ____4__________ Is that number within the recommended range mentioned in class? (yes, no) _Yes___ 4. Did you notice any passive voice sentences? (yes, no) __Yes___ If “yes”, please type one of them in the space below this question. With unemployment at record highs and impending layoffs, economic vehicles are looked at by the public Part 2: Paraphrasing Task After reviewing the information on plagiarism and paraphrasing on the next two pages, please paraphrase the ideas from the paragraph selected. Place your paraphrase of the original paragraph
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Sentence-Paragraph_Activity_Plagiarism - Sentence/Paragraph...

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