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REGISTERING ON TURNITIN.COM Here are the Turnitin.com registration procedures for (a) students who have never registered for turnitin.com in any other class before and (b) students who have registered for turnitin.com in any earlier course. Students Who Have Never Registered for a Course on Turnitin.com 1. Locate the website (www.turnitin.com). 2. Click on the red “ Sign in ” box in the upper-right corner. 3. When the next screen appears, find the section under the heading “ New students start here ”. Click on the “ Create a user profile ” link, which is contained on Line 2. 4. When the next screen appears (“ Create a User Profile ”), click on the “ student ” link below “ Create a New Account .” 5. When the next screen appears (“ Create a New Student Account ”), insert the “ class ID ( 4253219 ) and the “ class enrollment password ” ( valuable ) in the appropriate boxes below the class ID ” heading. Lower on the same page also insert the requested information inside the
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